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You’ll remember we last did a feature about the Best Barbecue Foods for Your Syns, which got us thinking about booze. There is no barbecue without booze, especially if you’re the one grilling. On Slimming World alcohol is not forbidden like it is on most food plans, but you have to pace yourself and make sensible choices. Always here to provide a service, we have compiled our list of the best alcoholic drinks for your syns.

We have tried to cater for every taste here and limited it to one drink per category (lager, cider, spirits etc) as well as making our choices more suited to the summer barbecue scene. Sorry mulled wine, you’ll have to wait til Christmas. Of course, the choices are huge, especially with the spirits where most are similar syn values, so be sure to let us know your favourite syn-friendly tipple!

Coors Light – 7 syns per 440ml can / 5.5 syns per 330ml bottle

If Jean Claude Van Damme rolling in some snow isn’t enough to get you on board with Coors Light, the syn value certainly will. It probably isn’t the lowest in syns, but it’s the nicest  by far.

Malibu & Diet Coke – 3.5 syns per 250ml can

Nothing says “Summer is here” than coconut flavoured stuff – so Malibu is the perfect way to get your summer started. It’s sweet, it’s light and it will get you tipsy eventually if you have enough of it. I’m keeping the syn values with the cans, because you lot can’t be trusted with your measures.

Black Tower Wine 5.5% – 5.5 syns per 250ml glass

Wine – the slimmer’s downfall. Black Tower have you in mind though, because their range of wine is all 5.5 syns for a large glass. I know my audience however, and I can tell you that this stuff is 16.5 syns for a bottle. What’s 1.5 syns between friends, eh? *

Kopparberg Light Cider, Summer Fruits – 8 syns per 500ml bottle

Cider in general is a no-no, but at a barbecue, needs must. The best one to go for by far is Kopparberg’s light cider. 8 syns for a 500ml bottle is the nicest one to your syn limit and one of the nicer ones taste wise too. You are on a diet though, so you can have one bottle, not one crate. Sorry.

John Smith’s Extra Smooth Bitter – 5.5 syns per 440ml can

I honestly can’t imagine that many bitter drinkers will give a hoot about what’s good to get you pishizzled on Slimming World. If there are a few of you out there, your best option is John Smith’s Extra Smooth (apparently, there are other varieties not as kind to you in the syns category). I can’t tell you much about it, other than it’s the best one for syn values I could find. It’s bitter and I don’t drink it so you can come to your own conclusions about how nice it is.

* EXTRA, SUPER IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: 1.5 syns over your limit can snowball. I’m not advocating going over your syns every day, but you can be very flexible on the wine front on special occasions. Just be sensible, for crying out loud.

This is to give you guys options that either you didn’t know weren’t outrageously bad, or that you might never have considered. There are so many options that your best alcoholic drinks for your syns may not be the same as ours.

That said, we would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, as it’s a biggie in the Slimming World Community. You’ve probably thought of something we haven’t, and we definitely want to hear about it!

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Normal Disclaimer: The syn values for these products were correct at the time of posting. These values change constantly with changing ingredients. We always suggest that you check the syn values with your Consultant or books beforehand, just to be safe!

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